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3/30/2011 12:46:24 AM
Hey guys!
I will be happiness to see you at the upcoming game! This is a great opportunity to make your weekend more fun! You need just register your account and team, invite your friends and come on game briefing!
If you have some questions, you can write letter to my e-mail or add my skype.
Stan Exc1uzive.

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Game details

Quest Quest (?): (#1) "Mafia" Discussion
Game authors: Exc1uzive, Dictose
Author's factor of game complexity: 1
The game quality index: -
Game: Quest
Game format: Team
The levels passing sequence: Storm
Start of the game: 4/30/2011 7:45:00 PM (UTC +8)
The beginning of the game in your time zone: (UTC )
The game completion time: 4/30/2011 10:30:00 PM (UTC +8)
Participation fee:12usd
Prize fund: 0usd (0% from the sum of subscription)
In the game participated: 3 teams (statistics)
Game status: The game was declared invalid
Responses in the guest book: 14 messages
The list of administrators who actually had access to the scenario: Exc1uzive, Dictose (in detail)
Approved participations 5 teams: Ацетон, Chicas, Puxi Cats, Komuz Masters, Shrimp killer's

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From game author

Особенности игры:

- Территория игры - Honkou dist (虹口区)

- Среднее время прохождения 3-4 часа;

- Игра будет очень простая, без утомительных мозголомных уровней.

Место брифинга:

- Shanghai;

- Honkou dist;

- Linping rd station, exit №4 - 19:00 PM



Стандартный инвентарь:


- Мобильный телефон с возможностью выйти в Интернет (Наш сайт:;

- GPS-навигация или карта Шанхая (для более удобного поиска загаданных мест);

- Фонарики;

- Отличное настроение обязательно!


Дополнительный инвентарь:


- Шляпа мафиози;

- Сигара \ Сигарилла;


О команде: 1 команда = 2-4 человек;


О взносе за игру и призах: 1 команда = 80rmb, Приз за 1 место и сертификаты за 2,3 места!




Standard equipment:


- Mobile phone with decent intrenet browser or laptop with 3G internet;

- GPS Nav or map of Shanghai;

- Torches;

- Nice mood is a must!;


Additional equipment:


- Hat Mafia style;

- Cigar \ cigarillos



About team

1 team = 2-4 person;


About payment for game and prize:

1 team = 80rmb;

Prize for 1st place and certificates for 2,3nd places;


Starting the game - at least 5 teams! Come on guys =)


Please follow the updates! =)










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